Delivery (Worldwide)

Shipping cost: 10 CHF/Euro per item
Delivery time: ~10-20 working days (Attention: Deliveries to Germany can be stopped at customs for up to 3 weeks!)
Shipment type: Priority with registered tracking number
Additional charges Each country has its own import & custom and VAT charges that need to be paid by the customer himself.

Attention: For deliveries to Germany we have experienced custom problems that can delay a shipment up to 3 weeks


Printed shirts
In general printed shirts ares dispatched as quickly as the others. In rare cases a delay of 2-3 days can occur.

The products shown in the online store are all in stock (except when expicitly displayed as “out of stock”) and can be prepared for delivery right away. In very rare cases it can happen, that there is differences between the system and the actual stock. is not responsible for any deviations .